It’s time to be FREE of pelvic pain, dysfunction, irregular periods, and ambiguity! You need answers and an action plan.

No matter what you are choosing, or if you aren’t sure – I always recommend starting with your COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call. That way we can chat and figure out if Virgo is a good fit for you and which service you are looking for.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Starting with an initial evaluation, we will do a full assessment of your body, with special focus on the pelvic floor. From there, we will determine a plan of care involving manual therapy, exercise, stretching, mindfulness, and more! This way we can effectively progress you toward your goals in a matter of weeks! Think PAIN FREE, LEAK FREE and STRONGER than ever.

Every plan is different, but anticipate at least 6-8 one hour sessions. All sessions take place 1:1 in the comfort of your home (we are based in Orlando, FL)!

Starting at $185/session

Period Coaching

These sessions are all virtual and open to anyone worldwide! These meetings focus on getting to the root of PAINFUL and IRREGULAR periods. I aim to be a source of tools, answers and empowerment on your journey to a better cycle. We will explore what you can do to optimize nutrition, movement, mindfulness and pelvic health to set your body up for successful cycles!

Anticipate a minimum of 6 sessions to complete the core content of my coaching program, with the option to add more as we go!

6 Session Package: starting at $995

12 Session Package: starting at $2199

Pelvic + Period Health Consultation

If you are looking for a virtual one-off consultation to gain knowledge, answers, direction, validation and OPTIONS.

Whether you are dealing with a pelvic condition, endometriosis, period problems or want birth control advice, this is your place.

Anticipate one hour, virtual video conference with the option to extend as available or add additional sessions.

Starting at $120/hour

This is not a physical therapy evaluation, and will not result in diagnosis or medical treatment recommendations.

Treating (but not limited to):

Urinary and Fecal Incontinence


Pelvic pain/chronic pelvic pain


Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Postpartum Pain & Dysfunction

Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction during Pregnancy

Birth Prep for Pregnancy

Post-operative Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

Gender Affirming Surgery (Pre & Post Op)

Pudendal Neuralgia


Severe PMS



Clitoral Hypersensitivity

Interstitial Cystitis


Coccygeal Pain & Dysfunction

This is hands down the most personal, thorough and holistic care I’ve ever received. Dr. Tori looked at all aspects of my health (nutritional, mental, past medical, etc) to hone in on both what I can be doing on my own, and what I could do with her, to improve my pelvic health! She really digs for all the possible information that could be helpful, finds personalized and intricate plans for your, and you can just tell she truly cares about her patients! DEFINITELY recommend! Women deserve better pelvic physical therapy & wellness and this is it!

ANNA, consultation client