Dr. Tori Butler PT, DPT

Pelvic Physical Therapist & Founder

I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2019 from Northeastern University waaaay up in Boston, MA. Spent that summer studying 24/7 for my board exams; passed, and then said “I’m going to Disney World.” I packed my bags and moved to Florida to make magic with the mouse. I fell in love with the palm trees and endless pool days and decided to stay and finally join the PT world officially. But something was missing and I knew the only way to create magic in my own life was to supply it myself. So I’m here treating the patients I love to treat and supporting their pelvic floors one at a time!

I have studied under Herman & Wallace, Dr. Julia Smeltz, DPT and her Pelvic Health Kickstarter team, Stasha Washburn’s The Period Coaching School and my own grit, pouring over books, virtual courses, articles, webinars, podcasts and video lectures to build the knowledge base and skills I have to offer you. I am also Dry Needling certified through the University of St. Augustine. I want to blend all of that, plus all of what school taught me with my passion for holistic patient-centered care and spreading self-love to create a valuable resource for you, in me! Let me help return you to the life you love whether that be coming into your confident self to take on a new chapter, or optimally managing your stress, studies and symptoms!​

So, invest in yourself and take a chance on me and together we will get your life, and your pelvic floor, back in order! Click the link below to schedule a complimentary 1:1 Discovery Call with me to sort out if PT or coaching with me is right for you 🙂 If it is – so awesome! We can discuss next steps and options. If not, then I will do my best to point you in the right direction.