Taking the leap can be hard, and if you are like me, you need as much clarity as you can before you can get started.

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Pelvic Floor physical therapy is a specialization within the PT field to treat conditions in and pertaining to the pelvis (i.e. bladder & bowel dysfunction, genital pain, sexual dysfunction, and pregnancy related issues). We will assess your whole body and create an individualized plan of care encompassing manual therapy, exercise, stretching, mindfulness and more to progress you toward your GOALS! Think PAIN-FREE, LEAK-FREE and STRONGER than ever!

It may involve an internal component if you, the patient, are consenting and comfortable, which can provide useful information and allow more direct treatment when warranted. No matter what, we will always go at your pace and stick to what makes you comfortable and leaves you feeling empowered in your body.

I treat as a hybrid, offering a clinic space in DeLand, FL and a mobile practice – so I can come to your home if you are located in the Orlando, FL area (specifically, Seminole and Orange counties, beyond this may incur a travel fee). If you are not from Central Florida, check out some of my virtual options!


Anything related to pregnancy, bladder, rectum, uterus, vaginal canal, and external genitalia including (but not limited to the following). Note: Only treating patients with a vulva/vagina regardless of gender identity.

Urinary and Fecal Incontinence


Pelvic pain/chronic pelvic pain

Dyspareunia/Pain with Penetration


Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction during Pregnancy

Birth Prep for Pregnancy

Postpartum Pain & Dysfunction

Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pudendal Neuralgia

Severe PMS



Clitoral Hypersensitivity

Post-operative Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

Gender Affirming Surgery (Pre & Post Op)

Interstitial Cystitis


Coccygeal Pain & Dysfunction

What are consultations and wellness visits?

These are for anyone who is not ready to commit to a “long term” plan of care or just has a couple specific questions. They are hour long, 1:1 virtual video conferencing sessions, booked one at a time. They could be on anything related to pelvises, periods, birth control advice, and more! They are also a great option if you do not live close to any Pelvic PT’s and need a virtual visit!


I recommend signing up for a complimentary Discovery Call initially if you are unsure which services would most help you, or curious what these options entail. I will walk you through the different options and make a recommendation  based on your primary concerns and goals. We can discuss payment and get you scheduled from there! Or text me READY NOW at 404-545-9026 to start a conversation!

If you are ready to sign up and make the commitment to your health and body, simply click HERE!


I am cash-based and therefore am out of network with all insurances as they would not cover services as I provide them through typical physical therapy coverage.

In a typical clinic model, therapists treat 1-4 patients at one time and insurance will only approve sessions until you are “good enough” to say that they are not medically necessary, which is usually before you meet your true goals.

Treating as a concierge clinic allows me to spend more 1:1 time with you and treat you how you deserve until your personal goals for therapy are reached! This often involves less sessions than traditional outpatient PT because the quality is more valuable during each 1+ hour long session with the undivided attention of your PT. Therefore, the cost of fewer sessions is not as steep in comparison to the more frequent co-payments.

If you are utilizing physical therapy services (i.e. not coaching or consultations), I can also provide a superbill and instruct you how to submit for an insurance claim and reimbursement, which is typically honored at 60-80% of what you paid.

If you are concerned about payments, please talk to me about it on our discovery call and we will figure out a payment plan that works for you. 


Per the state of Florida’s Physical Therapy Practice Act, I can treat you as a PT for 30 days prior to needing a physician’s referral. If you are using virtual coaching or consultation services, you do not need any referral.

What is Period Coaching?

Period coaching is virtual program for anyone looking to be rid of IRREGULAR and PAINFUL periods and ready to create change in their lifestyle to avoid conventional and pharmaceutical treatments. We start off with 6 1:1 hour long sessions and focus on searching for the root cause of your symptoms. This comes with education, advice, strategies, and ways to talk to your doctor, to build a toolbox to combat your personal health concerns. We deep dive and implement action plans to encompass nutrition, mindfulness, pelvic health and movement in ways that have a big impact on our health! I want you to leave feeling empowered and in control of your health and body!